Greatest Moment in Film History: 2000-2012 or Subtlety is a Dying Art by Bert Branson

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Today, I have renewed faith in cinema…

   A great moment can pass you by if you’re not paying attention. If you’re so busy waiting for something epic or magnificent to happen, you may miss something far more moving and ten-fold more important. This morning, I’m going to talk about something that was in a recent film and is THE most important and vital moment in film history for the last twelve years.

   It’s got to be from a foreign film right? Wrong. It’s from an established American director responsible for two, soon to be three, of the highest grossing films in history. Well, it had to be Spielberg or Scorsese or Coppola right. Wrong again. It’s Christopher Nolan–famous for the Batman re-crafting and “Memento“. What, pray tell, is this magical moment? What movie is it from? Tell us Bert! Please tell us!

   Here is the most important and powerful moment in film history since the start of the new millennium and most folks missed it:

   In “Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight”, Daggett is berating Bane for not fulfilling his end of the deal. Bane then does something that chills my blood…

He softly places the knife edge of his left hand quietly on Daggett’s shoulder.

   Bane said nothing yet his action spoke volumes. A lesser director might have had the villain rip his heart out or something clumsy and cliched like that. Nolan chose something far more frightening and sinister.  Something that is unmistakably powerful and brutal, yet subtle and delicate–icy and cruel. You knew instantly Daggett had stepped over an invisible line and the Devil himself was waiting past that threshold.


   I feel this moment ranks up there with that horrible, empty stare Hannibal Lecter gives agent Starling at their first meeting. It’s the end of “The Usual Suspects” or Samuel L. Jackson’s speech in the diner from “Pulp Fiction“. It’s an amazing moment in cinema history, and Bert said it first.

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 Original Post Published on July 29, 2012

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