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Nabokov’s notes on Kafka’s Metamorphosis

I vehemently refused to mark a book’s pristine pages for any reason. To me, writing in the margins was a form of sacrilege tantamount to dog-earring corners and leaving books spine facing up.

However, with time and purple highlighters lighting the way, I learned the merits of annotating while reading. For one, it obliged me to focus constantly on not just the words printed on the page but also the literary devices and significance of authors’ styles. I remembered a lot more of every book’s plot and discovered some epiphanies and startling connections within a narrative.

People who know what they’re talking about…

Someone’s eloquent thoughts on the merits of annotating: How to mark a book!

With technology comes a different way of doing things—a brief article on digital annotating: Digital Annotations


One thought on “Marginalia

  1. I do that sometimes too. Learned it from my Grandfather who was a minister & he wrote his personal notes & reminders in red in the margins, or underlined verses he felt were extra important or relating to his sermon.

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