"Here is the Deal: Don't Touch Me" by Howie Mandel

Here is the Deal: Don’t Touch Me

Published by Bantam Books, a division of Random House, Inc.

Genres: Biography / Real Life

Number of Pages: 218

Backup References: Amazon / Goodreads

Not what I expected. Although Mandel speaks about facing and overcoming his battles and demons, he does so briefly. This is an autobiography mainly about Howie “the comedian” and not about Howie “the germophobic”.

Truth be said, I couldn’t put it down, though. I would of read it all in one night, but chose not to. If anything, felt disappointed to learn about his inexcusable cruelty toward loved ones. He humiliated and mortified people for the sake of laughter. Despicable pranks that nobody found funny -except for him. One thing is to be a fighter and quite another to use a serious mental health issue as my “I-don’t-have-boundaries-passport” or as my “I-can-do-as-I-please-and-there-is-no-stopping-me” attitude.


  • Easy to read.
  • Fast passed.
  • Laughter might surprise you along the way.
  • His love and respect for his wife is heartwarming. She’s one special lady.


  • Ghost writer and all, Howie repeated himself a little too much.
  • Lacks overall depth.

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