October 4th, 2012.


What have I learned these past two days? To don’t believe in everything that crosses my mind. The mind is tricky and, at times, mercurial. Needless is to say I reached that conclusion after “opening my big mouth” or should I say “after writing the wrong thing to the wrong person?”

5 thoughts on “October 4th, 2012.

    • I assumed the wrong thing and acted accordingly. Had to apologize to one of our church’s pastors. It was stupid, really. It was his birthday and he took the time to reply, to I don’t know how many people, but me… He’s not my “Facebook friend per se”, but my profile used to be all about church and my celestial family. Hence, I was hurt. Anyway, he replied briefly, but sharply. Ended up buying a box filled with sweet squares? ( they’re the size of brownies, but they’re made of tons of things: cookies and cream, lemon, pecan, etc. etc.) with a note that said “forgive me” on the outside and a related Bible verse (don’t remember which one, though)

  1. Deactivated my Facebook account and created a brand new one with just 20 friends or so. Mostly, my virtual friends whom I’ve known for years now…

  2. Hey, you aren’t the only one who has ever stuck her foot in her mouth or misunderstood something….. I done the same thing more than once. You’re one of the nicest people I know…. Don’t beat yourself up so bad…. You’re a good person with a huge heart. You know I luv ya… if we didn’t make mistakes, then we wouldn’t be human. 😀

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