The Disadvantages of Being a Writer by Vincent Mar

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The Disadvantages of Being a Writer

Being a writer seems easy, which is why so many people want to become writers these days; but it’s not, which is why only a few succeed.

Solitude, because not many people will understand what you do and why you do it. I enjoy solitude, but sometimes the silence becomes a great noise, bothering. Mobile phones and social media don’t help at all.

Invisibility, because you choose fantasy over reality and neglect the latter, which neglects you. I have always been good at being invisible, and as an introvert this does not bother me, but for extroverts it can be painful. For the ego.

Lack of cash, because a writer gets paid in ideas and emotions rather than in cash. I would say that’s good pay. Making money out of your writing will help you keep writing, but will rarely make you wealthy.

Fanaticism, because when you pick up the pen you establish a new religion, whose God you become.

Endless toil, because in the writer’s den every day is a working day. There will never be a day when you can say ‘I have nothing to do so I will sleep.’ Not if you want to be great.

Estrangement from friends and family, because every hour you devote to your books is an hour that could have been spent with those closest to you.

Poor shape and careless appearance, because looking after an imperfect body is not particularly appealing when you can create better bodies for yourself in your stories.

Development of emotional and intellectual abilities over physical ones, because a writer sees and hears and tastes and smells and feels mostly with their mind than with their senses.

Too much knowledge, because the more you know the more you tend to worry. Ignorance is often bliss.

Living with many uncertainties, because the journey of the writer is not straight like that of the carpenter, but winding, with many twists and turns and dead ends.

Melancholy, because every time you will leave your attic you will be disappointed by what you will see below.

(My next post will be on the advantages of being a writer.)

What are the disadvantages of being a writer?

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