Masquerade by Navate

Masquerade by Navate

This is an old one, Benjamin, but it’s the most spectacular of them all. Truth be said, the artist behind it, Lauren K. Cannon, is a dark fantasy artist and that’s why, after my accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, had to quit. My passion for dark movies, books and images was legendary (within the family, that is) Not to mention my love for venetian masks!

Even met, purely by chance, one of the most famous mask creators in Italy. I have his book signed… LOL. Spent three weeks in Florence and had to walk right by his store every day. You can imagine my fascination whenever I walked by…

The story behind masks is dark and mundane:

“The idea of a Masquerade Ball or Masked party goes back to late medieval court life, originally designed to celebrate a marriage or mark a point in a royal dynasty.

The guests would wear both a costume and their masquerade mask, and, as you can imagine, the anonymity this provided to a class that were governed by the strictest etiquette and constricting rules of behavior was irresistible…”

Thus, Sodom and Gomorrah came to life during those days… and I cannot and will not emulate sinful behavior. Unless, I completely ignore “history” and just enjoy one or two for what they are now: just masks.

5 thoughts on “Masquerade by Navate

  1. I love it… We must be thinking along the same lines of thought. I re-wrote my Masquerade Ball poem to post in the next few days. I do love this picture… as you know, I always have! You find the best, little one… it’s a gift! : )

      • True, but you know my propensity for killing computers… Unfortunately, I’ve lost much of my art that way. I’m slowly adding back to my Mac. That still doesn’t belittle your talent for finding the beautiful… : )

  2. I really, really like that mask, and you never have to sacrifice your faith for who you are or what you want to wear. Your faith is in your heart, mind and soul. Something I learned in great detail from having too many bad priests, pastors and such. I have a dear friend in Florence, such a beautiful place.
    Be well my friend,

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