6 thoughts on “"Spellbound", 1945

    • Hello, Benjamin!

      I’m more or less fine. Trying not to worry about health issues as well. Can’t discuss it just yet because tests need to be done… To tell you the truth I’m a bit scared.

      • I’m sorry to here your worried you have access to my email if you need to chat. I’m very broken today, but trying to be strong for others. Much live my friend if theirs anything you need key me know.

  1. This is very cool and you know I love black and white photography. Okay, now I know Benjamin is rating above me… You have NOT mentioned to me any health issues other than your sisters. You know how to get in touch with me.. without being in front of the whole free world. Keep me posted please. You know I worry about you! ❤

    • You know me!!! I always make a storm in a glass of water! I don’t want to discuss it because nothing tangible has happened… yet.

      Nobody is rating above anybody! My sister told me the news last night! Benjamin kindly asks me how I am on a daily basis (just like you)

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