Seek the Source by Shannon Elizabeth Moreno

November 20, 2012

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

Image by Catherine Makowsky

“To ‘seek first the kingdom of His righteousness’ means to turn to God first for help, to fill our thoughts with His desires, to take His character for our pattern, and to serve and obey Him in everything.  What is really important to us?  People, objects, goals, and other desires all compete for priority.  Any of these can quickly bump God out of first place if we don’t actively choose to give Him first place in every area of our lives.” – (NIV Study Bible footnotes)

These are tall orders and tough truths if we are not turning in trust, to Him.  On our own, our priorities quickly become self-centered, rather than God-centered.  When we seek Him first, and trust God to be God and not ourselves, He provides what is needed to walk upright before Him in His strength, not ours.  As He is placed as our priority, He provides that which we lack.  God’s resources are unending – He always is and has enough, no matter where our lack.  He cares deeply, even about our buried and unknown needs.  He provides people to be His hands, voice and heart when we need to hear Him, and He enables us to feel His touch in a tangible way.  He provides peace, even when we are in the pit of peril.  When we are lacking, He is abundantly able to supply.  As we ask, we are heard, and He answers in His perfect time.  He is whom we ought to seek.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that as we seek You, we will find You.  Please forgive us for seeking anything else, before You.  Teach us to trust You to supply all that we need to live and love as You long for us to do.  May our first response – be it in lack or in plenty – be to seek You and honor You, as You alone are our source and supply, and way beyond worthy of all of our worship and praise.  As we learn to seek You first in all things and at all times, may our prioritized pursuit make plain the path that leads straight into Your loving grace to all who are around us.  Thank You that You are our source and supply, who sent Your only Son to suffer and die, so that we would have a way to seek and find the safety that Your loving arms supply.  Amen.

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