Thank you so much, followers!

Thank you!

For keeping my blog alive!!!  Your support, views, likes, comments and reblogs mean the world to me! Never in a million years would I have thought (5 months ago) “Inés” would be up and running to see 2013.

May all your dreams and projects crystallize! May our Lord open the eyes of those of you who do not know HIM personally! May this year be full of surprises and joy for each and every one of you!

Happy New Year,


Postcript: this little girl is one of eight children my favorite internet couple has! Such a beautiful family!


4 thoughts on “Thank you so much, followers!

  1. She is gorgeous Blue… You know you have to stay… somewhere where I can stay in touch! It’s been how many years now? A bunch… not sure I’d bother doing it myself without your help! ((Hugs)) and Blessings!!!!

    • All the years in the world and counting! Of course we will never, EVER lose touch! I adore you! Blessings from above, my dear!

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