My Head Explodes

My Head Explodes

Been opening old mind cabinets and searching for something that escapes reason or purpose. Images lure me, but it’s words I’m after. Those that will tell a story, the story within. The one nobody cares to remember; the one my Savior wouldn’t write; the one only I can put into words. The one that happened to me.

Image: “The Weight on the Shoulders” by Sparrek

10 thoughts on “My Head Explodes

    • Yes. It’s a dichotomy of huge implications: on the one side, Jesus wouldn’t write about it, on the other, it’s my painful and very real life experience.

      I want to write a book, but I don’t want it to be filled with vengeance and bitter memories. That’s what’s been stopping me from writing.

      • Then here I’ll make it more complicated for you 🙂 if god gave you the gift to be able to write a storie of such then wouldn’t it be a dishonor to not do so. And if one human soul could find sheltter or acceptance in your word and flourish in their own life, then do you not owe it to yourself and our father to release your demons and thrive with the gift of writing that was bestowed upon you.? I’m just say’n

      • I understand to the best of my ability your deilma. One verse say one thing and another and so forth. Do what your heart desires. God will either grant you the strength to complete your task or not but will always teach you a lesson in the process.

    • Sigh… Guess it’s just life happening. I don’t want to dishonor our Jesus, you know? I’ve been begging Him to change my heart. It would be so much easier.

  1. Well you know me…. I feel the story, but then finding the right words to use to bring the story to life is a whole different story/problem…. You’re a good writer sweetie, you just to have faith in yourself like God has faith in you, or he wouldn’t give you the talent! 😀

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