6 thoughts on “Don't know about you, dear

  1. It took me a while to figure it out too… I’m sorta slow…lol. I finally figured out that you have to click on the Title and it takes you to the actual page so you can leave a comment… 😀

    • Yes, exactly! With the previous design, we didn’t have to use our brains. Now, we have to navigate carefully and with eyes wide open.

      Maggie is my Downton Abbey’s favorite! 😀

      • she and dame judy in the movie beautiful marigold hotel-i am not sure that’s the exact title but i bet you know it-were both just brilliant. hope you get to see it because they are both at their finest along with the rest of the cast. it’s a wonderful feast. as for this reader, i’ve decided i don’t like it…i’ve missed several posts from blogs i like to read because i didn’t catch who wrote them… grrrr. 🙂

      • Ooooh, I haven’t seen that one! Thank you for the heads up! And yes, you are absolutely right, I’ve been missing posts too.

        Maybe there is a way to go back to the original design? I’m going to send Worpress a note or something…

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