How can we stop the endless chatter in our skull?

When we talk about intrusive thoughts, the possibilities are endless: these may vary from lovely and tender to immensely savage and everything in between. The mind is a battlefield most don’t dare to discuss, but it’s there and it’s real.


From a Christian Perspective

“The mind is always rebelling but Christians need to take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ…

Taking control of the mind begins by not believing everything you think…According to a popular preacher, many people think their thoughts are trustworthy because they originated from inside of them. But mental illness would disprove this argument…”    To continue…

From a Secular One

There are ways around intrusive thoughts: I prefer to either read or write. Once you start reading, your mind is temporarily silenced and the writer’s takes its place. Same thing happens whenever you “deepen the plume…” The latter comes with a twist, though: it might trigger inner demons to come alive.

Image: “Their Feelings” by Ryohei Hase

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