Stop The Bloodbaths by David Crabb

Sometime before 9:30AM on December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza shot his mother in the head four times. He then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School where he killed six adult staff members and perhaps most shockingly of all, twenty little children. A stunned nation wept.


Twenty days later, the nation of mourners shed their sackcloth and with giddy anticipation waited in line for a highly anticipated film that proved to be a winner–it sits at the top of the box office at the time of this writing. The plot of the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is almost self-evident: a man with a mask made of human skin stalks and kills people with chainsaws, hammers, and meat grinders. Oh, in 3D.


4 thoughts on “Stop The Bloodbaths by David Crabb

  1. I can’t stand those kind of movies!!! I’ve never seen any of those, and don’t plan to. I never let my children watch them either… Excellent point!!!

    • I saw it once (sometime in the 80’s or early 90’s) and never, ever ate chili for 20+ years or so… I like suspense, psychological that is. Hate horror movies.

  2. hate anything violent including the news so have never seen any of these things BUT do we really need to wonder why we have some young men(and women) going out and heartlessly annihilating little children, mom and teachers?

    oh sigh… don’t mean to go off like that but having cut my teeth on violence, I abhor it and had a very difficult time just looking at the horrid photo in this post-so i didn’t 😉

    all we can do is keep yelling about it but as long as people in droves go to watch this drivel, they will keep making them. as well as video games and all the rest…. sigh. xxxx

    • You can rant anytime, anywhere throughout this blog! Now, as far as this raw and cruel reality goes, let’s keep denouncing it to the four winds! 😉

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