Blueberry-Citrus Cake by Laurie

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One of the wonderful details of our oldest daughter and son-in-laws new home in Texas is the backyard. It is a dream…so very quaint and citrus trees everywhere!! They have lemon, grapefruit and orange trees to bring delight to a tropical soul! My wheels started immediately spinning what could I do with all this luscious fruit for the family as my gift to them. I researched her cookbooks and found this beautiful recipe called Blueberry-Citrus Cake. It came from Better Homes and Gardens Treasured Recipes…200 Prize winning Dishes from America’s Hometown Cooks…sounded perfect. What fun to go out in their yard and pick the fresh ingredients for your recipe. This is not something I normally ever get to do at home.

As I am grating the lemons and oranges the aroma that went through the house was tantalizing!! When the family was coming in and out of the kitchen, they were all saying, “Oh, it smells SO good in here!” Just what a cook wants to hear.blueberry-citrus-cake-macro
This dessert is 90′s style cooking at its best. Blueberries and citrus peel transform a simple lemon cake mix into a delectable treat. A cream cheese-citrus frosting complements the moist cake. When serving, you can add a dollop of frosting on the side just for extra measure♥

Blueberry citrus cake
Is your glands salivating for citrus? The boldness of lemon and orange add brightness to any day, whether winter or summer.

Do you have a favorite fruit dessert that you turn to for your family?

Have a sunny day today!


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