In Pain

In Pain

Had acute pain in one of my eyes. Not a new event because it happens whenever I have migraines, but not like this. At first it looked like an internal hemorrhage, but it wasn’t. Two weeks and brand new glasses later, my eyes did a magic trick and now I can’t see with them on. Doctor told me not to worry because it could be due to sinusitis… replied that I didn’t have it… until today, that is. Woke up with severe cold and sinusitis. My face hurts and so does my right eye and the molars on that same side. Hopefully, I’ll be Ok in the next couple of days, if not I have to undergo a battery of tests yet again. Not fun. Thank God for Medical Insurance.

“Crimson” by Bailey–Elizabeth. Follow this link to see More from this Artist

10 thoughts on “In Pain

  1. The like is not for the pain, but when I have sinus problems, my whole face hurts, especially around my molars and my eye-brows… LOL. I know I ‘m late, so hopefully you feel better by now! I’m still sending blessings and prayers for a miraculous recovery! 😀 ((Hugs))

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