12 thoughts on “Fukuroda Fall, Japan

    • Well, dear… I don’t have a specific address to provide you with. I find them as I navigate, but you can check out Tumblr or Flickr, for example!

      If you watch closely I always provide the original source or the name of the artist on my posts. Start by visiting those links and go from there! 😀

      • Art Limited, 1x.com, 500px.com and deviantArt are awesome galleries and yes, all photos are protected, BUT I post them here and write the artists to give them heads-up and provide a link for them back to their work.

        As long as the artist is given proper credit there is no problem whatsoever… This is what I write to each and every one of the artists when I choose to post their work:

        “Posted your awesome (lovely, beautiful) work on my personal blog:


        If you wish for me to take it down, I will do so immediately! Blessings!”

        Most artists come, take a peek and write to thank me for promoting their work on my blog! As long as you do everything by the book (as we all should), you will receive smiles and thank you’s from all over the Web!

      • Hi Inez,

        I’m so glad I asked about photos. Thank you so much for the links.
        How could any artist resist not having you post their work? The way you worded it is perfect.

        Thanks again!
        Tracy 🙂

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