Whimsical, cute and useful! 😀 Thanks for sharing, Laurie! 😉

Pride in Photos

I am an organizer by nature. It runs in the family…deeper than you can know! It’s in our blood, if you get my drift. So with that said, “A place for everything and everything in its place” stands to rule is our family motto. When Kristy, from Life n Reflection, offered me the chance to try out her Secret Recipe for Super Mom Planner…I said a resounding YES!  This is just what I needed to finally get motivated to organize the Pantry…one of the areas that has been left behind. I fell in love a few years ago, with the OXO containers and knew they were going to be a perfect match for these adorable pantry labels!
This package is a whimsical, yet practical guide to ideally managing your household. Begin to apply the tips, guides, planners, and challenges anytime of the year to transform your day to day life!…

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  1. Okay… where is the LIKE button when you need one. They really need to consider a “boy do I need this, or boy does this apply to me button too”…. LOL

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