Immerse the Reader in Your World & Never Let Them Up for Air

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We live in a Golden Age to be a writer. Everyone has an opportunity to publish. The downside of this is that we are being deluged with bad books, which frequently are just books published before the writer was ready.

In the old days, most writers failed miserably (especially in the beginning), but our failure was private and came in the form of stacks of rejected queries. These days, if we jump the gun, our rejection is very public and comes in the form of poisonous reviews from irritated readers.


This is one of the reasons its important to always be learning as much about the craft as we can. True artists are always open to new ideas, to growing and learning more. This is how we can enjoy a career where each book is better than the last. It can help build reader anticipation for our next book and the next. Readers trust us to be growing and always improving our storytelling.

Show Don’t Tell

One of the biggest problems I see (when I do edit) is writers have not yet learned how to show and not tell.

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Photograph: “Drowning” by Mark Mawson More from this Artist

3 thoughts on “Immerse the Reader in Your World & Never Let Them Up for Air

  1. I agree that the ebook market is being flooded by so many badly, or unedited books, and this only makes it all the harder for those of us who have spent so long tweeking our work to get it just right.

  2. I agree…. I could edit better that a lot of the books I’ve read…. but then the brain has a habit of substituting the correct word for the mistake because it knows what you intended for it to say…

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