6 thoughts on “Where have you been?

    • Been here and there as well. Staying away from the computer lately because of my migraines. Preparing to finally move from my currently depressing apartment so that’s a plus! 🙂

  1. I know why I’m behind, but hopefully your reasons don’t involve your health! I’m still just catching up. Hope sick again today but mom gets discharged tomorrow so I have to be well by then! 😀

  2. A brit advocating spain. Knowing just a bit of that history and constant war. The battle between Philip and Elizabeth the first, I probably know more about englands kings and queens more then most brits do, just curious why your allegence would change to rule by religion like spain did? Are you aware of theri human slave hsitory and how they gained them? ISabell and ferdinand of spain went around the world saying that if you accused people of cannibals you could get them to be your human slaves. Human salvery being their out on labor to produce. So millions of spanish that wanted salves went all over the world accsuing natives of being cannibals. A direct conflict of morals in religion.
    Brits on the other hand in history solved their labor problems by prisoner labor transported so the were not seen in England. I have read were a petty theif, am english orphaned child, was transported as free labor for Englands colonists to use. The parent orphaned them and they paid.

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