Purposeful Passover by Shannon E. Moreno

On this sacred day… Reblogged from Revelations in Writing!


Many years ago,

Jesus told His men,

“find a room, now go.”

Preparations made,

the table was set,

for Passover feast,

they still knew not yet.

As each one arrived,

Jesus washed their feet.

Is this how a king,

comes to claim His seat?

While eating the meal,

He stopped and soon said,

“One will betray me,

who shares in this bread.”

Sorrow surrounded,

with “surely not I’s.”

Anguish awaited,

the one who denied.

Christ then took the bread,

gave thanks, handing each,

saying, “remember,

whenever you eat.”

He then took the cup,

and in the same way,

gave thanks and shared it,

“remember today.”

The bread – my body,

my blood is the cup,

both broken and shed,

to save and lift you up.

(Responding after rereading each of the accounts of the Last Supper from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)

13 thoughts on “Purposeful Passover by Shannon E. Moreno

  1. Just curious. Have you looked up the history on this picture. It is one of my favorites. Even had a puzzel on this. This last supper is the last before invading another country. The diciples from educated guessing were war generals. I looked at some history of the aftermath of this and what the romans did everywhere they went.

    All these regimes went around he world, conquored whole populations by war invasions then after they did took all the titles in their governemnt systems. Changed them and dished up the old titles to people of faith to turn into demonic titles or not. BAsically destroying the local cultures title in peacekeeping government then forcing thieir own on them. So reason would disect whether the title of disiple for Jeuss wasn’t the same as General. As far as the one that will betray. I have looked up several of these wars on territories and we always find one. A general that sold out in compromise for his own double dealing for backup in failure.

    This occurance is found in everything so predicting a Judas is nothing unusal or especially divine. People sell out to insure against backing a loosing side all the time. People have to insure against the deprevation that war constantly causes.

    It is a great picture. However all the divine assigned to it really makes me wonder about reality thinkers. It doesn’t take looking up a whole lot of history, applying a little practical knowledge to figure something like this out.

    Now this practical look here, says this picture, why I beleive religion was brutally abused everywhere, has people having dinner before luanching an attack on an entire innocent population. Not like they had telephones and email then. So the attack here would have to be a total surprise to be symbolic importance.
    My very practical mind analizes facts and their times as well.

    • You do over-think it all, don’t you? The photograph has nothing divine about it. It was painted by an spectacular artist, period. What we see is his representation of the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples and nothing more.

      Jesus was innocent and yet He gave his life for us all. He did so after that last supper… and yes, the world is filled with traitors (like Judas), but there is only ONE Son of God; the one who endured a horrifying death on our behalf.

      • I do understand the picture and I also undersatnd Easter adn Passover. SO which ever one applies my happy wishes to you.
        As far as overthinking, in my country that is called drama catastrophic thinking. However our government of the past abused the religious by not protecting it too. My reasoning here has no fear and for some reason governments of the past always had to abuse religion which is simply a matter of faith.

        I do believe Jesus gave his life for people but then other, generals, capitains in war have died too for the same cause. I am a US Army veteran. I know a bit of war history too. It takes a bit more research here then just vthe bible. I was actaully rasied baptist and studied the King James version of the bible as a kid.
        With my bible study and new reseach which I can’t boast is anything but a fact search, I see it all for what it is and not just an exclusive divine. You would have to have a bit more fact on the subject or even be willing to. After my fact search i sincencerly beleive that people of faith have been brutally abiused everywhere. People of another time, 1000’s of years ago wrote the bible. The King James version was written in the 1600’s and they were always written by those supporting royality. So this next comment will be hard to take for you. Fact: Devil spelled backwards is lived. WHat do you think lived after a war in the verse “Devil get behind me.” ? An open mind must see after a fact search. I let facts think for me here and in all.

      • I’m used to “hearing” all types of arguments/explanations/theories about God, the Devil, Angels… etc. etc. Thus, nothing surprises me any longer.

        Oh, so you are a VET? I really, really have nothing but respect for real life heroes. Hats off! 😀

      • THanks I am vet enough to know it is no good for any.Use to say everybody should for two years. Taught me alot.But I have issue since the VA protects the service here and not the vet.

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