Olga, 2004

Olga, 2004

Based on the life of Olga Benario, a German-Jewish communist activist and political prisoner who was married to the leader of Brazil’s communist revolution, Luiz Carlos Prestes. In pre-war Germany, Olga flees to Moscow. She then escorts Luis Carlos Prestes back to Brazil in 1935 to organize his failed revolution. They fall in love but she is deported home to face certain death at Nazi hands.


P.S.: Didn’t like the direction, but overall photography is awesome. Love scenes are tasteful and not vulgar for a change! Shed a tear or two. Made me hate the Nazis even more.

8 thoughts on “Olga, 2004

      • You will find it in you. Being in the states I can not begin to understand what it was like only reading what the people in Europe and Early Californians felt with the Asian Consentration camps. History is better known and closed on then lived. I didn’t live in those times but the influence in history is not in California where I live and born and raised like it is in the tight quarters in europe. The USA is a bigger country vs lots of little countries. The bigger the mainland country the less history can dominate. So it is tough for those in bigger countreis to understand those in smaller countries regardless of the terroitories. Human slavery and prisoner transporation is a simply a bigger prison off the mainlands. The bigger prisons don’t escape history easy for anybody.

      • Indeed. My homeland, Dominican Republic, is a third world country in the midst of the Caribbean. Our history is tainted with slavery since its discovery in 1492. Not to mention 22 years under Haitian invasion or the 30 year dictatorship Dominicans had to endure at the hands of a ruthless assassin and thief.

      • Sir, Ruthless assassins existed everywhere. Some were so indiffrent to people they went public. I do check the maps when countries are mentioned in anything. I like to see the sizes as well. I have a honest question for you. Is it a homeland or a duty station of relations? This question can be retorical at your choice. Because your assassin and thied is a very big one I am well aware of. Too big to assume any responisbilty for.

      • Good for you. I had a seamtress from there. I would buy material draw some designs I saw in a store just putting different designs of different dresses in just a quick sketch and she would make them all for me. Sje do store bought work. Flawless. SInce so many admired her work when I wore them, she got lots of business. She used to make outfits that would cost a couple hundred dollars for me to buy for $25 and material. I have had other business with the Dominican Republic. So I apprecaite skills from all over the world. I even buy my kids costumes from England becuase even the cost plus shipping was more then it was here. SO wouldn’t consider living in the USA? There are interesting unshallow people here too.

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