Queen of the Erratic Blog!


Never thought of it before, but yes it is eclectic… (Giggles) I actually love it! Queen of the Erratic Blog! (Winks) πŸ˜€

Now, on a more serious note, tell me one thing: do you find my posts confusing or just plain unpredictable?

I bore easily and what you see is well? me. I’m baptist and in love with Christ, love to read and write, collect photographs, enjoy and share the work of different artists, teach table manners to little kids, translate and edit documents for my church and tend to be depressed from time to time.

Would you prefer if I focus on just one theme or subject? Not that I’m going to transform the blog, but I might divide its content…


21 thoughts on “Queen of the Erratic Blog!

  1. I love the blog personally, You share amazing imagry, Your post about your beliefs and things you feel strongly about and occasionally share a bit about how you are.
    If you are happy with it then thats the most important thing who gives a whoot about what another may think, it a personal blog, right?
    ( your opinionated painter)

  2. adhd here and i believe that more is more… in other words, pile it on, it’s far more interesting that way… who cares if nothing fits, our brains are like that if we are to be honest… nobody is only a poet, for instance, no matter how much they try to convince me in their posts… this is, of course, my most humble opinion. xox

  3. Just continue to be yourself. Write from your heart. That’s what really matters.
    By the way, I love your eclectic mode of transportation. And I love the title. Perhaps you should change your blog to “Queen of the Eclectic and/or Erractic Blog.” πŸ™‚

  4. Well, I hope you keep your blog just the way it is.:) I always enjoy visiting, and love the fact that you post on a wide variety of things! The variety is fun! Keep up the great work — Mike

  5. I like your blog very much. It’s different, eclectic, colorful and interesting. I imagine it’s a reflection of you : ) Keep it the way it is. There is always something cool to find in your blog. And I love the latest picture of the Rolling Stones. Never saw it before.

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