The things that happen to ME


So, after yesterday’s “erratic situation” and since I love opening new accounts and stuff, created a brand new WordPress URL. Thought about separating ARTS (movies, photos, book reviews, writing, etc. etc.) from FAITH (Our Maker / Signed God / Non-Negotiable threads)

So here I was exporting these threads to my brand new URL… and everything disappeared into thin air with a HUGE pink warning that read: NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR VIOLATING TERMS AND CONDITIONS!


The URL was “let this cup pass” How does it violate anything for Christ’s sake?

6 thoughts on “The things that happen to ME

  1. well, didn’t really like this but… what a shock that must have been! maybe it’s in the system if you ask WPsupport? I can’t imagine what would cause that to make that happen… 😦
    much love & hugs

    • Yes, they provided a link because sometimes they “make mistakes”. Maybe they were protecting my content? This happened after I tried to export the threads so…

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