Polygamy, Adult Incest, and Why NOT? Bestiality too!


Stanford Law Prof: No Marriage Equality Until Polygamy and Adult Incest Legalized

The New York Times last Sunday published an opinions piece by Stanford Law Professor Ralph Richard Banks that essentially argues that American society has notachieved “marriage equality” by allowing same sex couples to marry. He argues that polygamy and incestuous marriage between adults should be legalized in order to evolve to full marriage equality:


Historically, both polygamy and incest have been more widely practiced, and accepted, than the Supreme Court, and most Americans, seem to believe.  Over time, our moral assessments of these practices will shift, just as they have with interracial marriage and same sex marriage. We will begin to take seriously questions that now seem beyond the pale: Should a state be permitted to imprison two cousins because they have sex or attempt to marry? Should a man and two wives be permitted to live together as a family when they assert that their religious convictions lead them to do so?

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Oh, but WAIT! There is more!

At Yale, Incest and Bestiality Win Out Over Religious Freedom

The title of this blog is shocking and true.


Christian student groups at Yale cannot obtain recognition, and its significant benefits (access to campus facilities, funding for events, numerous communication channels, and more), if they desire to restrict their members and leaders to students who share their religious beliefs.  Yale considers this most basic and fundamental exercise of religious freedom by a private religious group to be “discrimination.”

At the same time, Yale just sponsored an event on campus that promotes “compassion” and “understanding” for those who engage in bestiality and incest, as part of “Yale’s Sex Weekend.”  I can’t make this stuff up.

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3 thoughts on “Polygamy, Adult Incest, and Why NOT? Bestiality too!

  1. This just makes me ill… Don’t even get me started! What is our world coming too, or who left the door to the nut house open? They seems to congregate together too…. ugh!

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