Year in and year out we see the world spinning out of control and some of us, for lack of a better description, stare in disbelief at the television or even look up at the sky and wish for a falling star.

Leave wishes to children on Christmas Eve or whenever they’re reading Pinocchio or Cinderella right before falling into the unconsciousness that comes with both innocence and profound sleep.

The world is a nasty place. Not everybody is good and that’s palpable within our own families. Some people just have black hearts and twisted brains. We’ve seen it over and over again whenever we hear about tragedies like Boston’s or like the senseless murder of Travis Alexander.

So what are we to do? Think, work, pray, and choose wisely. Do not stay in unhealthy environments just like I did for most of my life. I didn’t have much of a choice, then, but I do now.

I was bullied within my own house ever since I can remember. It was not at school and they were not my classmates, but within my own household and by my own family. Thus, when I finally was able to leave, I left and shut the door behind me.

I wished, I cried out of impotence, I fought back with all my being and nothing seemed to work for 29 years to be exact. Three years ago I disappeared into thin air so to speak. I don’t see them, I don’t listen to them, I don’t ask about them, I refuse to answer and forced my siblings to be and stay quiet whenever they start with their obsessive inquiries about me, what I’m doing or what I plan to do.

Don’t wish for a better life. Break yourself FREE and fight for it. DO NOT LET PEOPLE HURT OR ABUSE YOU IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

If you ever feel the need to “discuss” this, for any reason whatsoever, I’m here.


PostScript: sought help at 30 years of age. That’s late by all standards, but nevertheless did it. My psychiatrist helped with my depressive state, taught me how to cope and turned me into a warrior of sorts.  He’s my most precious friend, my  fiercest supporter and “dad”. Has been for 13 years… and until death or retirement “do us part”.

2 thoughts on “Run!

  1. Oh you are SO right about this!!! I agree 100%…. don’t subject yourself to such negativity or hateful people… 😀

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