Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Title: Cabinet of Curiosities
Authors: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Published by Grand Central Publishing
Paperback Edition
Number of Pages: 629
Backup References: Amazon, Goodreads
Theme: Horror, Suspense

Cabinet of Curiosities is the first book I read by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, but it won’t be the last. Although there is a bit of Frankenstein-Fantasy involved, the overall storyline is quite interesting.


The story unfolds in New York City. Workers unearth several skeletons at a construction site setting the atmosphere for a highly imaginative story. A serial killer is responsible for these disturbingly heinous century old deaths and, soon enough, after the gruesome discovery, a copycat surfaces.

FBI Special Agent Pendergast, News Reporter Bill Smithback and Museum Archeologist Nora Kelly join forces to identify and link both this century-old-brutal killer and his modern-version copycat. Their search finally comes to an end when they enter a Riverside Drive House of Horrors.


  • Although I was able to make some connections and identify the copycat killer’s identity rather early, suspense is maintained throughout the book. Makes you doubt and, therefore, keeps you guessing until the very end.
  • This is a long book, but a fast read. It slows down from time to time, but then the action picks up and pulls you back in.
  • Twists and turns are unexpected/innovative.
  • The main character, Agent Pendergast, is a mystery unto himself. A modern version of Sherlock Holmes, if you will.
  • If you love Natural History Museums, then by all means, read the book.


  • The identity of the killer was predictable.
  • It’s 50 pages too long.
  • The end didn’t do it for me. The final chapters of the book proved to be implausible and too convenient.


Victims are dissected alive and in chilling detail. This book is not recommended for highly impressionable individuals.

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