It never ceases to amaze me how people react when put on the spot. I’ve been trying to reach a person for three weeks now. Today, I decided to complaint to the doctor who introduced us. Wrote him an email and CC her. In that email I specified all my failed attempts and told him how she […]


With a degree in architecture and a passion for aerial photography, pilot Kacper Kowalski takes to the skies to capture previously unseen landscapes in extraordinary ways. His photos of Poland from high above have earned him numerous awards including Nikon’s Nikkor 75th Anniversary Award (NPCI 2008-2009) More shots here!

Double Amputee Retired Marine Carried by Wife

This image taken by photographer Sarah Ledford shows Kelly Cottle, 24, carrying her husband Jesse Cottle, a double-amputee When retired Marine Jesse Cottle needed strength, his wife lifted him up — in more ways than one. An inspiring photo of Kelly Cottle carrying her husband on her back is going viral online. Jesse, a double-amputee […]