That’s THE Problem with Real Life


It bites you back. The internet could be a powerful procrastinating tool. Once you pay your inbox a visit, it seduces you and Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and WordPress take over. Hours pass without you even noticing and life is lived through the screen.

It’s addictive and non-productive. Worse part is you keep doing it day in and day out and when the week ends, you look back and ask yourself what in the world did I do this week?

Same thing happens when you start reading books. You get caught up and immerse yourself as the story unfolds before your eyes. Not that reading equals a means for escapism, but you have to admit that it isolates the reader from the rest of the world.

Unless something happens and shakes you up, that is…

You have to get up and start doing things. I pay for all my expenses, but I’m not earning a dime. Can’t keep on draining my savings, therefore, have to start earning some money and let the laptop “cool down”.

I work at a foundation teaching little kids table manners, translate and edit documents pro-bono. That’s my contribution to our Lord’s Kingdom, BUT now I have to bite the dust and start baking bite sized desserts for weddings and, God willing, teach etiquette and table manners for a fee. Let’s see how it goes.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “That’s THE Problem with Real Life

  1. You my friend will do wonderfully. I wish you the very best if luck and will send happy thoughts across the pond.
    PS. I had one of this days today, total time suck spent on social media 😦

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