Clarifying a Delicate Matter

Clarifying a Delicate Matter

After reading your replies, concerning the previous post, I became fully aware it might of caused confusion amongst some of you.

I’m a Christian who DO NOT and CANNOT back up certain out-of-the-box behaviour. I do understand there is a wide range of possibilities involved, but that has nothing to do with my views on hermaphroditism.

I see it for what it is: a very real medical condition. To the South of this island there is a place called “Salinas” which is known for the enormous amount of hermaphrodites born to hundreds of families. It’s not a third gender, but rather the “lack of it” and, at the same time, “the excess of it”.

Some live with their condition with dignity and poise until they are able to choose and that’s that. It’s my humble opinion, they need our compassion and support.

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