2013: The Unpopularity of God


Have you noticed how terribly unpopular God is? Never ceases to amaze me how christianity-related posts register low traffic by all standards.

Submission and obedience are not in our nature. It’s the endless struggle between the flesh and the Spirit. It’s easier to hold on to the idea of nothingness, the emptiness of the sky and the accidental formation of the universe and everything in it.

Why would we believe in the supernatural on this day and edge? Are you out of your mind? God is good! Really? If He were so good I wouldn’t be in this situation. Don’t you read the papers? Do you think God would allow this to happen? The Bible is outdated! Oh, pleaaaase!!! Don’t tell me you are a fanatic! You need to go back to school, young lady! Here, here… smoke some pot! Didn’t you know? the origin of the universe has been proven with a BANG!

“Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.”” ~Francis Chan

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