13 thoughts on “Unstoppable: Official Movie Trailer

  1. Okay that was awesome, I never go it movies because of the pain of sitting and the nuesence of dyskinesia but I might seriously go see that!!!
    Thank you for sharing that..

      • I’m fine. Tired today. Kids drove me crazy this week. Been working as an assistant (my cousin is the teacher) with 44 of them. Didn’t I tell you? It’s pro-bono. A project from a school and my church. Hence, I spend most of my days shouting, repeating orders and working on my non-existent patience. And yes! The movie looks fascinating.

        How do you feel, my friend?

      • Yes, I knew you’ve been volunteering. You really Gould get paid for your brilliance. I’m very tired a well it’s been a very rough couple o weeks.

      • Don’t make me laugh! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Rough, eh? I could only imagine. Did I ever tell you one of my medications triggers tremors? I feel them the most in both my hands. It’s a family “thing” as well… my grandpa and mom had them and her siblings as well.

        A dance partner (dance class years ago) asked if I was nervous because I “vibrated”.

        One of my nieces perceives them right on the spot. She once told me: auntie you always tremble!

      • Sometimes not often because I don’t hug people but I’ll give a hug and get a similar responds, ” your like hugging a human vibrator” lol my internal shakes get pretty crazy sometimes.

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