The Fight for Dominican Republic!


My apologies! Ever since this war started, between our homeland and Haiti, I’ve been working relentlessly and mercilessly against our Government and all dark forces surrounding the Apocalyptic intent to merge two completely different countries into one.

This article gives you an idea of what’s been happening:

We don’t speak the same language, we don’t share the same culture, we’re a christian oriented society and they’re a voodoo/black magic oriented one. This has been vastly documented.

Haitians devastated their country in an horrific way and blame us, D.R. for their calamities. They are NATURAL PREDATORS who burned their country to the ground and now are burning ours and contaminating our rivers. This video addresses their condition after the earthquake, BUT the overall situation was the same way before this phenomena.

Pat Robertson explains how they turned their back to God and sold their soul. There is no doubt in my mind that this is not “superstition”, but the sad reality … Facts support this “thesis” and makes it plausible.

It’s a fight that’s been going on for centuries. It’s historical and the reason behind a fierce independence won by our patriotic heroes.

We are a poor country and the toll behind their weight is unbearable. They cross the border illegally, give birth to thousands of babies and claim the rights for dominican citizenship. There illegal status is exploited by bad dominicans and foreigners who hire their services at a much lower rate making it impossible for dominicans to claim jobs in construction and other areas. We are paying for their hospital fees, their schooling, their medical treatment (they brought Cholera, Tuberculosis, Aids and other diseases into our land) YOU NAME IT. They even poo and pee in the streets! One woman gave birth in the intersection of two of our major avenues! IT’S AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE.

The invasion of illegals is massive (over two million haitians) Our president has proven to be a weak leader and, under international pressure, is on the verge of “giving away” our land. The USA and other powerful countries DO NOT WANT haitians in their lands, therefore, their agenda is for the Dominican Republic to absorb millions of haitians and dissolve our country for good.

The hypocrisy behind this strategic plan is ABYSMAL: the USA, France, Canada and other Caribbean Islands DO NOT grant citizenship to illegals “just because”, but they are forcing the hand of our president to do so in our country! Hence, they have the right to pick and choose who cross their borders, but we do not have the same right!!!!

Trinidad and Tobago, for example, rejected 13 jamaicans because they represented a heavy toll to their State a couple of weeks ago, but that same country accuses us and expects us to absorb millions of haitians regardless of our rights and our Constitution. The Prime Minister and Haiti are lobbying for international sanctions if we don’t deliver… Do you see the hypocrisy?

Our fight is fierce! They want control over the island and dilute our roots, our identity and our independence. Would you believe our History books have been altered in order to accommodate History for the next generations? If the president complies, which seems to be the case, we could end up in a very real and bloody war.

There is a rumour through the grapevine stating that Bill Clinton is the mastermind behind this macabre plan. It seems he was the one who came up with the “brilliant” idea behind the fusion years ago. The raw reason is to exploit our natural resources including the biggest gold mine in the region which is below the border between D.R. and Haiti. That’s ONE example.

We, the people, are fighting with all our might. The press has been silenced by powerful individuals with the sole purpose of keeping the population “asleep” and “blinded” to what’s really happening under wraps.

I’m in one of the patriotic groups fighting the government and international community openly and fiercely. We have tons of lawyers fighting in the high courts of our country. All my energy is canalised into ONE GOAL: SAVING MY COUNTRY.

That’s why I’ve been absent… Hope you’ll understand. Hope all of you are well. Blessings my friends!

Merry Christmas!

P.S.: Didn’t mention the so called “KEYBOARD HAITIAN WAR”: It’s the master plan to poisson our waters, burn our forests and kill dominican women and children to wipe us all out. Has been documented as well, BUT falls into yellow journalism… for now.

2 thoughts on “The Fight for Dominican Republic!

  1. How can I re-blog it? You know I really would love to if it’s okay with you! I understand if not however. 😀 Thanks for posting it… We don’t hear anything here. At least I haven’t.

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