Literature Can Heal the Soul

Awe… such a lovely story!

Seth Adam Smith

“Time and time again I have learned that while medicines can heal the body, literature and inspired words can heal the soul.” -Seth Adam Smith

For me, reading and writing have been the most powerful tools to help me move forward. I love literature and historical stories and what they can teach us about life. Time and time again, I have learned that, while medicines can heal the body, inspirational words can heal the soul. Inspired words are like guideposts or constellations that lead us home.

There is an ancient Japanese legend that tells of a sacred mountain surrounded by a jungle. This mountain was sacred because it was the place where the community would bring the elders to die. This was done in honor and reverence for the people’s parents; it was their way of turning over their loved ones to the gods.

One day, a young man was…

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