Call me Valentina… for now. My birth given name is boring, therefore, I tend to use nicknames that may change depending on my mood. Blogging since July 2012. Single. Baptist. Nuts about photography, painting and boOks. Graduated in Culinary Arts and currently teach table manners to a bunch of 44 kids!

Haunted by the infamous “D”. No big surprise as most arts-inclined individuals suffer from either mental illness or some type of personality disorder. Where do you think their uniqueness and “je-ne-sais-quoi-factor” comes from? Unhappy about it? Not exactly. I suffer from what makes some of them great!

In here yOu’ll find Our Maker through articles and images that will stir your imagination, poems that will make you think, book reviews that will make you ponder if they’re worth buying or not, thoughts about writing, and guest posts ranging from movies and desserts to mental illness and everything in between.

Thank you for visiting!

January 2013 Update: All the “likes” collected throughout the last six months were “lost in translation” when I moved the blog. It’s my only regret.

80 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so glad you left such an uplifting comment on my blog–www.tracycampbell.net/blog.
    You made my night. I was thrilled that you want to sign up, but are having issues. It’s not you, it my new and improved format. My web person will be fixing it tomorrow. Normally, there should be a subscribe button on the right sidebar under “Sign Me Up!” I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll will let you know once we have it fixed.
    Thank you, again
    Nice to meet you.

  2. After all this time I’ve never commented on your home page, well Carmen, which happens to be a beautiful name it has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I hope you are well and the world has been kind to you today.

  3. Hi Inés! The lovely comment you left me made a lot of noise inside this haunted head of mine, thanks again!
    I nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, you can check it out on my recent post 🙂

    • LOL… Thank you! You shouldn’t have! I’m kind of shy when it comes to “awards”. So happy my comment pleased you.

      People like us deserve emotional support and unconditional friends who’re always “at hand” and willing… 🙂

  4. Hi Carmen 🙂 (not a boring name at all!).

    Thanks for following my blog! I am really looking forward to follow your articles in the future as well 🙂

  5. Hola Ines,

    Tienes un blog muy interesante. Desde donde escribes y de donde eres? Yo soy espanola pero escribo desde Inglaterra donde vivo.

  6. Ines,
    I haven’t had a chance to say thank you for stopping by my blog and liking some of my posts. Also thank you for following! You have a very interesting blog with beautiful, gorgeous photos and interesting posts. I will definitely return to read more!

    Happy wishes for the new year : )



  7. Cheers for stopping and following my blog, The big “D” you have put “Delightful” “Dearing” “Doarble” “Devilish” and “Different” into your blog keep it up , we are all different and that’s what’s great about people, again Keep It Up!

  8. Wow, your blog is beautiful! I’m looking forward to returning regularly. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me!

  9. Do you have more then one blog? I am very interested in how you take a stance here since you trashed my comment on what I thought of your judgement of where my spelling and grammer abilty belongs in issue. It appears that the post you like on another blog could be your own. An invisable gift for commenters?

  10. Tienes un blog estupendo! I`ll sure come back to read some more of your wonderful posts and for sure the Spanish ones. 🙂 Thanks a lot for the follow and you`re also one follower richer now. Have blessed evening!

  11. Carmen is boring? Really….I don’t think so. It means song or poem….and of course the tempting heroine of that opera, like Tosca. Well whatever.

    Valentina is ok too. And it is up to you…..I like that you take names actually … creative and fun. And now I am following as well…

  12. Hola Valentina, The look of your blog has changed since I’ve last visited. I like it the look! And your blog like yourself is eclectic as always. A most interesting blog that’s always a treat to read : )

  13. Beautiful name Carmen… lovely blog, you are so greatly unique… Thanks for stopping by my blog to read and like my answers to Project O…. Maybe we can be friends and enjoy each others journey… Barbara

  14. Valentina,

    I hope to have my first book self-published late this year. A select few contributors to Project O have kindly acted as pre-edit test readers. The feedback for my non-fiction work (1st in a two book set) is highly encouraging, especially since one came from a very intelligent English Professor (not at Project O).

    “The Mirror, Book One: Welcome to the Evil Sisterhood.”

    If you’re interested in having a read, please fire me an email at themirrorbooks@gmail.com

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