Thursday afternoon…

My apologies, new followers, but nothing seems to glue or move in a coherent motion as of late. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything and nothing at the same time? I’m not sick, but don’t feel well. I’m not sad, but don’t feel happy either. Get it? Too much on my plate and yet […]

Hello, there!

Miss your posts and comments! How are you, guys? Everything all right on your side of the ocean? Need to visit your blogs and I’m way behind. My apologies. I’ve been having trouble with my eyes… for almost a month, now. Migraines, eye pain and blurry sight are getting the best of me. To make […]

10 Sure Signs We’ve Lost Our Minds by Trevin Wax

Reblogged from Kingdom People Documenting the bizarre beliefs and inconsistencies that surface in contemporary discourse… 1. We worry about the shallowness and superficiality of online relationships, so we go to Facebook and Twitter to register our concerns. 2. We are so focused on the newest and latest things that we leave behind the oldest and […]