Strange Characters: The Cinematic Pairings of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

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Photo taken from – all rights reserved to same – click through to read an interview with Tim Burton In anticipation of Tim Burton’s Big Eyes coming out on Christmas Day, I’ve been having my own Burton retrospective and recently watched Edward Scissorhands for the umpteenth time.  With this…

Apple, Toffee & Flor de Sal Hand Pies

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This recipe comes from two different places. While backpacking through the Northern half of Portugal last March we had to make a decision between visiting Coimbra and Aveiro. Both are in the same general area (about 20 minutes apart), both are small & culturally rich university towns and both have their…

Guest Blog: ‘The Raven’ – Nevermore

Fascinating! Interesting Literature By Eric Nicholson Edgar Allan Poe wrote an essay, ‘The Philosophy of Composition’, in which he details the writing of his sensational poem ‘The Raven’. If we are to believe the account, he carefully planned the theme, the setting, the metre and every poetic effect – ‘each step with the precision of […]