10 thoughts on “Canal House, Bamberg, Germany

    • Of course! Glad to do so! There are two ways of doing it:

      I’m assuming you know where your “Reader” is (WordPress bar, hit the “W” to your left and hit the second option) Once you’re there you’ll see (to your right) a list of the latest posts from the people you’re following… (Blogs I Follow)

      Now, look closely to every post: up to your right you’ll find two options “Reblog” and “Like”.

      1) If you hit “Reblog” then the system will guide you through it (you may add your thoughts to the original post or simply reproduce it by hitting “reblog” ) That post will appear on your page as “reblogged”. It’s the quicker option out of the two, but I don’t like it because you cannot shorten or justify the text of the original. I’m hysterical when it comes to “unjustified text”. I need to see the sentences even.

      2) Now, this is what I do: I visit the page of the original post and copy-paste its content to “Text Edict” , “Pages” or “Word” and justify the text. I used to post it exactly the same way, but now I’m just copying part of the text and provide the link to the original post because when posts are too long, people don’t read them.

      How do I do that?

      Hit “New Post” and copy paste the content you want to reproduce. If you do it that way you may change the photo, shorten the text or write and extra note WITHOUT compromising the original, of course.

      Once you’re finished, it’s your duty to provide the link back to the original in order to give proper credit. To be able to do it put yourself right in front of your new post and look up to your left. There you’ll see a button that reads “add media”. Hit it. You’ll be taken to a page with brand new options:

      Insert media: from your library (photos you’ve accumulated) or you may upload new photos OR insert from URL which is what I personally do. I hit Insert from URL and copy the link of the original: you copy paste the link in the first bar and write how you want it to appear on your blog in the second. I usually write “Original Post”, “Authorship”, “The Name of the Blog” or “More from this Artist, Writer or Blogger”. THEN, I go the original post and provide the link to my page in comments just so the person knows I reblogged its content.

      Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any doubts. I’ll be happy to guide you through them. I wrote it all taking into consideration “text”, but the same applies to images (it’s faster and way much easier)

      P.S.: would you believe I’m unable to justify this reply? See how awful it looks?

      • Thanks Ines, I will try to work it out following your directions. I appreciate the time you took to explain this. By the way I posted a simply stunning photo of a waterfall in Japan you may want to check out.

      • Your welcome! I will check it out! Your blog is a breath of fresh air with all the stunning images you choose!

        Let me know if it worked out for you, Ok? I’m always around.

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