“Convert to Islam or Die!” Syrian Christians Under Persecution

Originally posted on Reality Of Christ:
“In the two thousand years of the Christian faith, about 70 million believers have been killed for their faith, of whom 45.5 million or 65% were in the twentieth century according to “The New  Persecuted.” Wikipedia http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uic7L5MEPkc More than 40 nations around the world are experiencing some sort of Christian persecution and…

Love Like Jesus–A Woman Prays, Saves a Firefighter’s Life

Great read for those of us who have been praying without “palpable results” and feel discouraged. God Running Trapped The Grange Co-op was on fire. Steve Shafer and two other firefighters drug a hose line through an open bay door and disappeared into the thick black smoke. The thick smoke severely limited their visibility. They […]