Long Time No See!!!

Hello, everyone!


These past month has been hectic. Been having health issues triggered by too much stress, but currently undergoing tests. How are you, all? Promise to get back on track and visit your blogs before the week ends…

What did I miss?

10 thoughts on “Long Time No See!!!

  1. You know I always miss your smile! But catch some kittens on FB which are beautiful, thanks! I surely hope things turn out well or positive, and I really, really hope you are feeling better and living a less hectic life soon.
    If you ever need to talk, or I can help in any way, you know how to find me, don’t you? I thought you had my email, but if not I think you can get her here somewhere I think. I do check that every day… unless there is a major crisis… ❀ (((Hugs))))

      • My step-dad passed on Aug. 3rd, but he is in a better place. His sons were horrendous to my mother and my whole family. They were married for 32 years, and yet the boys took everything and left her ONE penny… Our names were left out of the obituary, and they put a pict of their dad, my step dad of 32 years, with a picture of their mom who has been dead over 40 years. Totally left my mother’s pictures out. It’s been real crappy, but at least I don’t have to be around such liars and cheats anymore.

      • Oh, dear… I’m so, sorry all of you have gone through this! Just horrible! Glad it’s over for you, though. Prayers sent your way… Love you, pumpkin! If you need anything at all, you know I’m here for you, Ok?
        All my love…

      • The feelings are mutual… I’m just slow to respond…sorry, LOL I know you’ve been through much, but you never complain and always send me such beautiful pictures to my FB page πŸ˜€ (((Hugs)))

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